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How do the new versions fare against the vintage models? Listen to the clips below to decide for yourself. Could it be the ultimate AKG C shootout? As AKG tweaked this model, it picked up new bits of circuitry, lost others, and even underwent changes to the capsule, a dramatic alteration that amounts to putting a new set of ears on the microphone. Over the years this versions of this model have been celebrated, derided, and described as both unquestionably bright and inarguably dark. So which is it?

Vintage Microphones, Part 1: The Neumann U47

The ‘Neumann Bottle’, the first ever mass produced condenser microphone. Diameter: 9 cm, height: 40 cm, weight: 3 kg. Telefunken, a subsidiary of AEG, took on the marketing rights to this Neumann microphone.

I m selling a neumann u sold!! it s the original model, with the battery compartment. its serial number puts the manufacture date in , according to.

The T is a stunning vocal microphone in DIY kit form. Intermediate-level hobbyists can build it in two to three hours. The kit provides a genuine vintage microphone circuit based on a Neumann design with a selected large-diaphragm capsule based on the AKG capsule from the C12, ElaM , and C The finished microphone delivers great tone and vibe, with a frequency response that complements vocals, acoustic guitars, and drum overheads.

Transformer microphones just sound different. This particular circuit yields a warmer, rounder sound than you’d get from a transformerless circuit. The beneficial 2nd harmonic coloration from the circuit is not due to components we added, though; this mic has what might be the simplest audio signal path in any microphone:. We chose each of those parts with care: hand-selected capsule, manually biased NOS JFET, polypropylene output capacitor, custom transformer.

Greg Wells is credited with 85 million units sold including Adele. Here’s what he says about the T It has a very ‘solid’ sound: vocals stand right up in the mix. Not in a ‘peaky’ way, but in a very full and up-front sounding manner. Read the full review here.

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The capsule is an M7 type — the original Georg Neumann design dating from Comparison with modern large-diaphragm mics like the Neumann U87 and.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. No matter what sound source you’re looking to record in the studio, there is a Neumann microphone that will allow you to confidently handle the task. In our latest Buyer’s Guide , we’re breaking down Neumann’s entire line of large diaphragm condenser microphones. Continue on below to learn more about each large diaphragm condenser mic’s history, sonic qualities and best uses in the recording studio.

If you’d like to hear these microphones in action, check out our new Neumann microphone shootout by clicking here.

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Our goal is for Newgrounds to be ad free for everyone! Become a Supporter today and help make this dream a reality! Shock mount for U87 Hi there We got for the studio a very nice Neumann U87, got a good deal on it but we didn’t get a shock mount.

Models covered, with text, specs, and photos, include: Neumann KM 83, KM 84, KM 85, 87, and 88; KMS 85; U87, U47 FET, SM 69 FET, and KMA lav mic.

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Neumann U47

User Name Remember Me? Neumann KM – Does it worth it? I’m researching about small diaph. Everywhere I look, it seems that the Neumann KM is one of the best ones. I’m looking to get the best gear I can get, but I was wondering if the is really better than other options. I don’t know what would be these “other options”.

› how-to-date-a-neumann-ucapsule.

As many of you may know when I am not slaving away in my studio, I like to get out and about and record bands and musical ensembles in the “real world” with my company Location Recordings. At the beginning of , I was asked to record the Elite Quartet in the beautiful St Lawrence church in the small Essex village of Rowhedge about 75 miles northeast of London. The quartet had been playing together for about 4 weeks and wanted to make an audio and video recording of their playing for promotional use.

St Lawrence church is an octagonal building with a capacity of around people dating back to Stone built and with its stunning vaulted timber roof, the acoustic for “classical” string instruments is just fantastic. This was a 3-day session capturing both audio and video and as the budget was tight I was flying solo, so I chose an audio system that was tried and tested and had given me great results both in the studio and live.

I only used 6 mics in total so would only need the mic pres from the 8P but if I chose to use any UAD-2 plug-ins it’s always nice to have the extra 4 DSP chips from the extra Apollo 8 on hand. A traditional string quartet is made up of 2 Violins, Viola and Cello. Now in a perfect world, I would have used the same mics on all 4 instruments, but this is not a perfect world and I do not own 4 identical condenser microphones so some careful choices had to be made.

For Violin 1, I chose the Sontronics Aria fixed cardioid valve condenser mic.

Case Study – Recording The Elite String Quartet On Location

Forum Rules. Remember Me? Results 1 to 6 of 6. Sign in to disable this ad. What is a reasonable price for a nice clean pair of original Neumann U87 Mics, with sequential serial numbers from appx.

It is also one of the oldest microphone types, dating back to the early ‘s. popular condenser microphone is Neumann’s U87, shown here.

U87 vs. Pokud bych kupoval tenhle mike, tak jedine v perfektnim stavu. Vymenene kapsle uz bych se bal, pokud to vymenoval nekdo po domacku. Jeden chce prodat. I love it on vocals, grand piano, drum overheads, and acoustic guitar. That’s all I’ve had the chance to use it on so far. Larry said he has considered moving production to Mexico, the U. I don’t care where a mic was made if it sounds like it came from heaven!

I’ve got to re-iterate this – this mic is not comparable to Rode, Studio Projects etc etc, because it is in a different league altogether. I’m always wary about comments about the “cheaper” line of mics being comparable to U87s etc, because in my experience and I’ve tried all the usual contenders they simply aren’t really.

I’m also wary about using phrases like “it blew such-and-such away” but quite simply the ADK CE yesterday pretty much blew anything else I put it up against away! This was by no means a scientific test. I recorded each mic via either a Buzz MA2.

Neumann U87 Ai Switchable Condenser Microphone

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