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A Jewish friend of mine remarked once, only half joking, that he believed Indians are the true Chosen People. With no offense to Moses, I had to agree. I lived in India for about three years and my husband currently known as my husPad, thanks to his appropriating the iPad he “gave me,” — but that is another column is from New Delhi, which, in addition to providing me with lots of Indian friends and in-laws, have given me a pretty good perspective on the desirability of the people from the world’s largest democracy — and how to woo them. Before getting to “how,” let’s start with “why. Indians dominate as engineers, doctors, lawyers, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. They make up a large proportion of our graduate students — just walk around the campuses of Harvard, Columbia or Stanford or and you will see these incredibly attractive brown people all over the place.

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This is the story of how a Jewish couple added to and became part of our changing America. But more important, this story is about what I learned when my wife, Robina, and I were introduced via our son to a religion, culture and traditions that we thought were so different from ours. On October 17, , I married my high-school sweetheart. Nine years later, after two miscarriages and years of fertility treatments, our son, Jared, was born.

We then looked into adoption to complete our family.

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The top 10 online dating sites and apps in Toronto. Online dating sites and apps in Toronto give those of us looking for love a chance to see what’s out there beyond the other places you meet people in the city. These websites aren’t always Toronto-specific, but they’re popular amongst local singles. There are well over 4, people between 18 and 35 registered on the site in the Toronto area, including those looking for same sex partnerships. OKCupid, in many Toronto circles, is known as the site to tap if you’re looking for someone to accompany you to Trinity Bellwoods Park, followed by brunch at the Drake and lots of conversation.

Over 1,, daters visit this free dating website every day, but don’t worry, you can narrow your search down to any city or town in the GTA. Once you find a match, this site even suggests things to do in the city that correspond with your common interests. Shaadi is an Indian dating site or matrimonial service provider. Just in case there was any further doubt as to its intention, your search consists of looking for a life partner, not simply an online match, and there’s wedding information right on the site.

The Jewish dating site gives singles the opportunity to find matches based on a variety of characteristics. It also works for same sex matches. On this app, the woman always makes the first move. If she doesn’t say something to a new match within 24 hours, that connection disappears forever. For same sex connections, or friendships, either person has 24 hours to make the first move before the interaction vanishes.

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The afternoon will include refreshments of wine, cheese, naan, and hummus. Guests will have an opportunity to hear from Monmouth County residents who are descended from Jewish Indian families, as well as other guest speakers. The Museum also has received recordings of some of the Bene Israel liturgical melodies, which will be played during the reception.

There is no specific date or reason mentioned as to why they arrived in India, but Hebrew scholars date it to up to around the early Middle Ages. Cochin is a.

India has played a significant role in Jewish culture and consciousness for years. Over the millennia, there have been commercial and cultural interactions and, in recent times, diplomatic, technological, and strategic links as well. Legendary accounts of the great wealth of India entered West Asian consciousness during antiquity and found their way into the Jewish imagination.

Ancient tablets discovered at Ur, the city of Abraham, describe this flourishing trade. Philologists have identified several Sanskrit and Tamil loan words in the Hebrew Bible, dating from as early at the Book of Exodus through the Books of Kings and Chronicles, indicating direct or indirect trade between India and ancient Israel.

Many scholars argue that the biblical port of Ophir was located in India. From Indian literature, we find a description of ocean trade between India and West Asia that recalls the Noah narrative. In the Buddhist Kevaddhu Sutta according to traditional dating, from the sixth century B. Major Jewish settlements in India in the 19 th and 20 th centuries.

What I Learned From My Son’s Hindu-Jewish Marriage

The history of the Jews in India reaches back to ancient times. In addition to Jewish expatriates [10] and recent immigrants, there are seven Jewish groups in India:. The oldest of the Indian Jewish communities was in the erstwhile Cochin Kingdom. This was a time that teak wood, ivory, spices, monkeys, and peacocks were popular in trade in Cochin. There is no specific date or reason mentioned as to why they arrived in India, but Hebrew scholars date it to up to around the early Middle Ages.

It’s only logical that Dhaliwal and Toor, two Indian Americans, wanted to build upon But why start with a dating app for the Jewish community?

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Visiting India has been my dream for as long as I can remember. I always imagined posing in front of the Taj Mahal, decorating my hands and forearms with henna, and indulging in all the Indian delights from authentic chai to fresh mango lassis. Last month that dream had come true, and while it included these touristy activities, my journey could not have been planned using a Lonely Planet guidebook.

It was a unique kind of trip, one that exceeded any expectation for my first visit to this beautiful country. JDC Entwine hosts trips all around the globe to connect Jewish communities from around the world, with a focus on global responsibility. It is said that they are survived from seven men and seven women whose ship crashed off the coast of Mumbai in the 4th century, ending up in surrounding villages.

Philologists have identified several Sanskrit and Tamil loan words in the Hebrew Bible, dating from as early at the Book of Exodus through the Books of Kings.

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History of the Jews in India

Mogan David Flag of Israel. Christians Leaving the Middle East. Understanding the Middle Ages.

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We have a week to hand in a folder of research and pictures on any chosen country. I cut out pictures of tigers and women in sarees and stick them in the blank pages of my folder. Proud of my work, I hand in my folder, excited to see what comments my teacher would give me, already anticipating showing it off to my classmates. Good work Lishai, but there are many spelling mistakes and you did not explain why you chose this country or what interests you about India.

Growing up in Yorkshire, England in an Ashkenazi community, our family was different than most. In the small suburb that we lived in, on the lip of a northern city, always surrounded by reminders of English sensibilities, we stood out with our brown-skinned mother, her lateness, her thick accent, how she always talked too loudly. She was Israeli in her mannerisms, her gestures, and her propensity for arguing. But her face belonged to India, to the long line of women whose features are chiseled from centuries of living in the Konkan coast.

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The Bene Israel have always been the largest of the three Jewish communities in India. The other two are Cochin and Baghdadi. In , for example, the total Bene Israel population of India was estimated at 8,, far more than the combined numbers of Baghdadi and Cochin Jews. For generations they lived as a distinct endogamous group in rural villages, some of them in remote areas, throughout the Kolaba District of Maharashtra State.

Traditionally, the Bene Israel worked in sesame-oil pressing; they also farmed their land, peddled produce, and worked as skilled carpenters. Because the Bene Israel families were scattered among many villages, community life in Kolaba District was extremely limited, and group prayer and Jewish rituals took place in the home. Initially, the Bene Israel had no Torah scrolls, prayer books, or synagogues, nor were they familiar with rabbinic Judaism or the details of halachah.

They were guided by three Bene Israel religious leaders called kazis , who traveled from village to village in order to officiate at all rites of passage. Other theories have these ancestors tarrying in Persia or Yemen before ending up, shipwrecked, on the Konkan coast. By the midth century, Bombay had developed into a metropolis with a bustling port city, attracting thousands of Indians from the countryside, including hundreds of Bene Israel.

Although most of the community remained in the villages, many Bene Israel were tempted by the opportunities in Bombay for employment and education. The relative proportion of enlistment, of decorations for bravery, and of promotion to the highest ranks possible for Native Forces was extremely high among the Bene Israel, given the size of their total population.

In Bombay, Bene Israel worked mainly in construction, in the shipyards, and as carpenters. Here, they were introduced to new techniques and new kinds of tools.

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Mira Jacob: Mira Jacob is my maiden name. My husband is Jed Rothstein. I grew up in New Mexico.

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Here in South Africa, there is a tiny minority of Indian Jews within the local Jewish community who have lived and prospered on our shores for many years. They are South African. They are also Indian. Not necessarily in that order. This tiny cluster has happily made South Africa their home while maintaining close ties to family in both Israel and India. One Johannesburg businessman, Jewish and Indian-born who asked to remain anonymous, has met Prime Minister Modi and was part of a delegation that introduced him to Israel several years ago.

This man came to South Africa with his young children for work nearly 30 years ago. Her father was born in Ahmedabad, India, and her mother, was born in Mumbai. Both were brought up in kosher homes and have maintained a kosher home throughout their marriage. Like most Indian Jews, they made aliya many years ago and met when they were in Israel.

They decided to come and live in South Africa almost three decades ago and have never looked back. A Shabbos or special Yomtov meal is not complete without the traditional Indian cuisine, including a hearty breyani with an array of aromatic vegetarian rice dishes – all carefully prepared without mixing milk and meat. There is always challah, but there may be a Moroccan fish dish or a chicken breyani with a twist or a lamb curry and dal.

Maharashtra becomes first state to award Jews ‘minority’ status

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